Red Light Wavelength 365mm

  • high energy strong and suitable for anti-inflammation, analgesia and much more

Greenlight Wavelength 560mm

  •  stability and relaxation, analgesic action on the sensory nerve.
  • good for the phototherapy of high blood pressure, hemiplegia and nervous breakdown. Also used in the treatment of asthma , menopausal syndrome, nerve numbness, kidney disease, diabetes 

Blue light     wavelength 415mm

  • promotes the synthesis of protein and collagen, brightens skin and teeth, suitable for *jaundice of newborns , as well as allergic, oily and acne skin 

Yellow light Wavelength 590 mm

  • dispels speckles and desensitization, inhibits the precipitation of melanin in the skin, promote hair growth and accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers. It improves immunity while enhancing epinephrine.

Purple light Wavelength 308mm

  • stimulates the secretion system and dredges lymph glands. It is effective on mucous membrane ulcers and acne.

Orange light 610mm Wavelength

  • promotes blood circulation, quickens metabolism, enhances thyroid function, reduces cerebrovascular and coronary atherosclerosis, increases appetite, treatment emasculation and anemia for general heart disease, especially weak heartbeat, the orange light should be used alternatively with blue light for the treatment of chronic heart disease and palpitation

Light Quantum Telomerase Activation Instrument